I am friendly, non-judgmental and keen to help clients achieve their health goals through tailored nutritional guidance. For some, this has resulted in additional benefits, such as reduced intake of medications and improvements in mental health and overall wellbeing. 

It may be that:

  • ​You don't know where to begin to make positive changes to your diet

  • You might be yearning for a more personalised approach to your health

  • You want to reduce your intake of medications by improving your health

  • You dread the idea of sitting in weight-loss groups, or they haven't worked for you

  • You want to end the start/stop cycle of "start on Monday" dieting

  • You want to tackle unwanted digestive problems such as bloating or acid reflux

  • You need accountability to help you stay on track

I provide personalised, evidenced-based advice that considers your lifestyle, dietary requirements, budget and habits. If you would like to know what clients have said about me, click here. In addition to regular continued professional development training, my qualifications include:

  • 1st class BSc (Hons) in Nutrition, Food & Health

  • Experienced nutrition and health researcher

  • Nutrition-based PHD (in training) at Leeds Beckett University

Consultations are available online, via telephone and face-to-face (primarily at my clinic based in the outskirts of Wakefield near the M1). Alternatively, I can also arrange to visit you in your home or in a meeting room near you for an additional fee. The majority of appointments are currently held online or over the telephone, but this works very effectively.

All programmes with me involve:

  • A full nutrition and health assessment

  • One-to-one nutrition consultations

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations in the form of an easy-to-follow report, aimed to help you reach your goals

  • Meal ideas and recipe inspiration

  • Supplement recommendations (where appropriate)

  • Text/email support

In addition, most programmes involve detailed nutrition analysis and food diary monitoring to help ensure you stay on your tailored healthy eating path through accountability and behaviour change coaching.

Prices start from £65 and vary depending on your requirements and the complexity of issues that need to be dealt with.

Please contact me by clicking the button below. If you prefer, you can get in touch by emailing me at, or calling me on 07539 930794 to discuss your issues, goals or concerns further.