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'Stodge season' eating

Now that we're at the back end of autumn and heading into winter, there is a tendency for people to turn to starchy and fatty foods during these colder, darker days as we increasingly yearn for comfort foods - that's why I call it 'stodge season'. So, how can we eat healthily during this colder time? Soup can be a nutritious way to fill the void.

Liquids are often considered as being less filling (or should I say fulfilling?), but the right kind of soup can be very satisfying if it is made up of the right components:

- plenty of protein (such as meat, tofu or lentils)

- lots of fibre (vegetables and legumes)

- a large amount of liquid (such as water, meat or vegetables-based stock, milk)

Blended soups (such as the onion and pumpkin soup in the picture) have a tendency to sit in the stomach for longer, which helps you to keep that satiated, full feeling for longer. Imagine two muslin cloths - one filled with liquid soup and the other with the blended version; the watery soup would quickly leave one muslin cloth, while the blended soup would take much longer to seep from the other.

I am personally a big fan of home-made soups, as they are a great way to use up leftover meat and vegetables and generally don't take a long time to cook. There are lots of great recipes out there (e.g.

Alternatively, plenty of fresh or tinned versions are available in UK supermarkets. Just don't forget to:

- check the ingredients list (avoiding products containing strange chemical additives)

- look at front-of-pack nutrition traffic light label (avoiding high sugar and salt


So go on, enjoy some soup this winter and feel full and nourished at the same time!

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