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Scientific. Holistic. Tailored nutrition.

Want to feel more in control of your health, but unsure how to achieve this?

The path of life throws us all stumbling blocks that can make us feel less healthy than we'd like to be - busy lives, stress, sleep issues, undesirable symptoms and medications. Trying to tackle improving health can make us feel like we're going around in circles and not achieving results - weight isn't lost, symptoms such as bloating, pain, migraines and tiredness reoccur, favourite clothing remains unworn and those feelings of being unhealthy may even stop you from doing the things you'd like to do; stopping you from getting on with your life.

I am a nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition, which means that I provide a specifically tailored, evidence-based plan to meet your unique needs and health concerns by trying to address imbalances through the examination of your health history, dietary and lifestyle choice. I offer video consultations to help people everywhere - click below to contact me.


"I was feeling very lost and didn’t know where to start with changing my diet and nutrition, after trying so many different things in the past. Then I came across Laila online, we spoke on the phone and she was lovely, very kind and reassuring and non judgmental. I felt like I could be totally honest with her about my terrible diet.

Laila took the time to learn about me and my lifestyle and then came up with a bespoke nutrition action plan, it is beautifully presented in an easy read format and you can tell that she puts loads of time and effort into it.

Laila has totally inspired me and encouraged me to build up new habits bit by bit instead of trying to do everything all at once. I am learning so much more about my body, nutrition, and what supplements to take to help me along.

I absolutely recommend Laila to anybody who is struggling with their diet, nutrition and health."

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Laila Charlesworth Nutritionist

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